With the continuously developing modern technology, entertainment and leisure activities have been easier and effective. Varying forms and kinds of entertainment materials have been a need for people. Therefore the demand for production and distribution of it had increased. One of the most demanded forms of entertainment is this digital and mirror-like thing- the television. Since the early times of technological innovations, television had come across decades of improvements and development. From time to time, new models and specifications of televisions are continuously created and released in public.

Having a television can provide exceptional entertainment and stress reliever. However, as time continues to pass by, the models of it are increasing in price. It gets expensive as new models are being released brought by the competition among its varying brands across the world.

Fortunately, here are the top affordable TVs that you can find in your place. These TVs may be cheaper, yet it guarantees the quality and effectiveness to bring more colors to your world.

1.    Hisense A6200

The first model of TV which ensures quality behind its cheap price is the Hisense A6200. This model of TV is perfect for your leisure and entertainment purposes. It has a solid performance with effective services for video streaming for only less than £400.


•    Simple Smart TV

•    A solid set of features

•    Excellent Value

•    The exceptional quality of SDR


•    Limited HDR

Hisense A6200 or the H50A600UK as its full name offers its solid feature at an affordable price.

The Hisense A6200 offers an old-school look in its design even though it lacks in frills. It is satisfying for its price.

In regards to the connection of Hisense A6200, it is decent with included HDMI 2.0 inputs. You will never be short of the video services you love such as Amazon, Netflix, Rakuten, and Youtube, for it has a 4K HDR. Access to the catch-up services of the UK is also possible by the Freeview Play, with an iPlayer application that supports the HLG and 4K. The panel of this TV model is a direct LED backlight which is uncommon to its price. It is capable of colorful images through the SDR content and respectable bright and black levels.

Compromised angles are also provided by this TV, as well as the set of limited HDR performance. The quality of its audio is competent enough. However, if you still want to boost it up, investing a soundbar would be a great choice. If you’ll use this TV for your games, the input lag is around 24 ms.

For the price of Hisense A6200, it offers engaging and respective performance (SDR).

2.    Cello C55SFS4K

Another cheap yet quality model of TV is the Cello C55SFS4K. This model ensures quality with its sharp 4K performance yet limited HDR.


•    Premium Finish

•    Versatile Android OS


•    Audio is average

•    HDR brightness is low

•    Reflective screen

At the end of the TV spectrum, the price of this model is much affordable despite its premium 55-inch C55SFS4K sporting the QLED panel.

Setting aside the budget aspirations, this TV model is a head-turner due to its metallic and bezel stand. At the rear space of this model, four HDMI 2.0 inputs are placed, as well as the USB ports. This is beyond the expectations for its affordable price. Another thing,  depending on the card being used, basic time-shifting or pause a live TV can be achieved through a microSD card slot.

The smart interface of this model offers easy and effective access to the Play Store, as well as to the Android 7 OS. This way, more apps can be discovered, opened, and enjoyed for more entertainment. But there’s more than what you can think, and this model can run the Sky Q app. With this, there will be no more need for setting a Sky Mini Box to catch up with the recordings and for TVs in the second room.

When it comes to the graphics and quality of the picture, this model provides a decent one, but it doesn’t feature any wide color of game support. This TV model can’t be used for gaming purposes for it only has a 66.3ms input lag. The HDR of this TV isn’t great at all, and the brightness can’t be adjusted to total brightness.

Purchasing a Cello TV can now be possible for it is sold for only £800, probably cheaper than others. Despite its cheap price, Cello still provides a lot of great things, including excellent features, designs, 4K performance, and being the first QLED TV.

3.    LG OLED55B8PLA

As one of the most relied upon the manufacturer of quality TV models, LG had provided their cheapest OLED TV with a fine performance.


•    Excellent design

•    Affordable price for an OLED TV

•    Good OLED graphics


•    HDR models are not the brightest

•    Set-up needs care

•    The quality of the picture falls short of 2018 step-up models

LG had been known for their quality and effective TV models but let’s see about their cheapest OLED TV!

This OLED set of LG has trimmed features to reach the point of its affordable price. This model uses the old Alpha 7 processor that is why the motion-handling is not that much adept, the B8 isn’t bright enough, and the power isn’t potent compared to the step-up C8 model.

With that, an excellent 4K picture can still be provided by the B8. The contrast of this is good, and the deep black screens look stunning with a clean white color.  It has an outstanding SDR image with a wide viewing angle given by the OLED skill. This way, wherever the position you may sit, the graphics and pictures are still excellent.

The LG OLED55B8PLA provides good performance and features at an affordable price.

4.    Philips 55PUS6753

This is one of the best 4K TVs that is worth your budget.


•    Clean and crisp 4K pictures

•    Value

•    Satisfying black levels for its price


•    Bass-light sound

•    Brightness is average

•    Set-up menus are torture

At an affordable price of £700, this TV model provides a lot of great things, including its 4K performance. With a 55 inches size, your entertainment will surely get elevated.

Just like the Hisense, Philips has a direct and VA-type LED panel. This greatly helps in setting the black levels that mitigate the grey tones of the TV. This contributes to the talents of the HDR. Although this is not the brightest, it can get close to the specification of UHD Premium with 350 nits. The performance of the HDR ensures a good quality of picture and graphics.

In regards to the smart features, this model has the standard batch. Those are the Amazon (without HDR), Netflix, Rakuten (without HDR or 4K), Freeview Play, and Youtube.

The connections are just like the usual with two USB ports, three HDMI inputs, and wireless or hard-wired options for internet connection.

Under £1000, you can now have a standard TV for your entertainment needs.

5.    Samsung UE55NU8000

Achieve a competitive and smart TV at an affordable price only.


•    Strong contrast

•    App support is excellent

•    Definition is great

•    Connection boxes are separate

•    Easy set-up


•    Bleeding black light

•    Crushed blacks

•    3D Support is missing

This QLED TV of Samsung had been the top headlines, but it never neglected its similar 4K set, the UE55NU800.

This LED TV with an edge-lit is packed with a 120Hz panel that gives it the advantage to generate excellent images for quick-moving scenes such as a football game.

This attractive and sleek TV with excellent designs had grabbed a lot of attention after several days of its release to the public. Its comprehensive smart features had given it the spotlight and gained a lot of interest from potential customers. It supports HLG and iPlayer in 4K.

This model had been a trend for it has four HDMI ports and two USB ports. For gaming purposes, the input lag is 18ms.

Samsung UE55NU8000 provides a punchy SDR image where images come in a natural, realistic, and well-detailed appearance. The only downside of this model is its blacks, which sometimes can appear as grey and haloes with bright objects. 

With a comprehensive 4K design, excellent design, images, and smart features, Samsung UE55NU8000 is a must-buy TV model.

6.    Hisense 65U7A

Saving anyone with a tight budget!


•    SDR picture quality is good

•    Smart platform

•    Good fit and finish

•    Video-streaming support is great


•    2 HDMI inputs only

•    Limited viewing angles

•    HDR performance lacks

Seeking for a big and satisfying TV can now be achieved at an affordable price with the Hisense 65U7A model. This TV model offers a lot of exciting things that can be looked forward to.

This TV model is constructed impressively with a minimalist inspiration to its style that can save anyone from budget concerns. In the connection, it comes with 4 HDMI 2.0 ports, where two of them are for the support of 4K or 60p. It also has 2 USB ports with excellent audio output and Freeview HD. For gaming purposes, the input lag is on 31ms.

The picture quality of this TV model provides a solid performance through the content of SDR. A detailed, bright, and colorful output is expected. The black levels are good, although the highlight is the Ultra Smooth Motion feature. There bright and smooth images which are a great deal for entertainment purposes. However, this TV model has a downside, and it is about poor HDR performance, which does affect the other potential brightness and contrast affords.

If you are in a tight budget but looking for a good choice, this Hisense 65U7A must be considered.

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