In this article, we will reveal and explain the most excellent Intel processor that you must have these days.

What is the Greatest CPU for Your Gaming?

Choosing the best processor can give you a hard time when you plan to purchase a new laptop or PC. Even though you have been ruled AMD, still, choosing an Intel processor that will suit your needs is not that easy as you think.

Intel manufactures and supplies different types of CPUs. They also offer several CPU models that are not only suitable for laptops and desktops, but with any other classifications too. In this article, we will give you the features and differences between Core i9 and Core i3. We will also provide you some information about the meanings of the jumbled letters and numbers written in the CPU name manufactured by Intel.

Since the release of the latest 9th Gen CPUs by Intel, it becomes harder for you to choose the best processor for you. For instance, the Intel Core i9-9900K can be your qualified center for your creative activities. But this type of processor is not recommended for those gamers, like you.

And the new generation of the latest Intel processor is on their way with this Intel’s 10th Gen in CPUs. This new-gen of Intel’s processor is called the “Ice Lake CPUs.” And these types of CPUs are being shipped at this moment, while the other types of CPUs can be shipped at the Christmas season.

Are you still in doubt? To help you in choosing the Intel CPU processor, we have created this article to be your guide in finding the Intel processor that will satisfy your needs.

Best Intel Processor: Breaking Down Each Intel Code

If you want to purchase an end-of-line or refurbished bargain, it is a must for you to find the 9th, 8th, or the forthcoming 10th generation of the Intel CPUs.

You can distinguish that your CPU is included at this CPU models just by searching at its number written after the i9, i7, i5, or i3 in the name of the Intel processor. An Intel processor i7-7500U is included at the 7th CPU generation. The Intel processor i9-9900K is included at the 9th CPU generation while the Intel processor i7-8550U is included at the 8th CPU generation.

In these days, the Intel processors that are included at the 9th generation is presently considered as the best processor. We recommend you to choose CPUs that are included in the 8th generation because of its high quality performance at a very low price rate. You can also purchase a CPU that is included in the older models of CPU. However, you can face some unexpected problems

At the last side of the name of the CPU, you can see a letter, which can be letter K or none. This is considered as one of the essential parts that you should keep in mind when you are looking for the best Intel CPU Processor.

Do you need a CPU processor that can be used in easy tasks, or you have a low budget? We recommend you to use a CPU manufactured by Intel that does not have letters. These CPUs without letters are considered as the basic consumer-grade CPU processors.

CPUs with “K” letter on its name are considered as “unlocked.” It only means that you are free to overlock it, which will improve their uses.

“Unlocked” types of CPU processor are meant for those CPU users who usually put added care on the cooling system of their laptops or PC. Overclocking will improve the heat level that is usually made by the CPU, which can lead to creating some issues in terms of your PC’s stock cooler. You can purchase an “unlocked” or “basic” model of Core i7, i5, and i3 CPU processors.

On the other hand, you can also see letters of B, T, and X if you will take a look at the names of the other CPU models included at the latest generation. The CPUs with letters B and T on their name possess added features, which can be used in business purposes. These models are considered as the fastest CPU processor among the rest in these days, but we can’t deny the fact that this is more pricy compared to others.

Laptop CPUs Explained: Best Intel Processor

The different models of laptop processors by Intel are much simpler in this generation. If you are looking for a laptop processor that you can always have and use for a long time when off charged, we recommend you to purchase a CPU processor that has an ending letter of “U.” This kind of CPU is considered as the “Ultra-low-voltage processor” that is manufactured with a high efficiency of power.

Processors with letter “H” on its end are being used for laptops with the highest level of performances. These processors usually use more power, thus giving you a shorter life of the battery. But in spite of that, the performance will always be at the highest quality and will surely satisfy your needs.

At the top side of your laptop, you will see the letter “HK” CPU, which is the i9-8950HK model. And similar to the series of desktop CPU processors with “K” letter, this laptop processor is also considered as “unlocked” that will enable you to have a greater level of overclocking.

Aside from that, “G” CPU processors are also one of the most unexceptional models of laptop processors. One of the examples of “G” CPU processors is this Radeon RX Vega M. This is a graphics processor that usually offers PlayStation 4- beating gaming performance that is suitable for portable laptops.

If you decide to purchase a desktop and don’t have plans in overclocking it, we recommend you to purchase a CPU processor of Intel that does not have a letter written beside its name. Laptops that can be used for a longer period usually use CPU series with “U” letter. If you prefer a gaming PC with compact size and is lightweight, we recommend you to purchase a CPU “G” model, like HP Spectre X360.

Best Intel Processor: Core i9 vs. i7 vs. i5 vs. i3 in a Desktop

Since we already give you the information you need about the unclear parts of the naming conventions of Intel, we will now give you some info on choosing which CPU model you should buy. Is it Core i9, i7, i5, or i3?

As expected, the performance of a CPU processor will improve when you upgrade it time by time from the series of Core i3 up to the series of Core i9. But we still need to explain for you to understand it further.

The Core i3 of Intel desktop processor usually have four several cores. And each core will provide you an exciting performance, but you will not experience the performances that you can only found in a higher-end CPU. These can be a Turbo Boost or an Hyper-Threading.

Turbo Boost will radically improve the speed level of its clock when a high level of power is needed. On the other hand, the Hyper-Threading will build a virtual core that will work more compared to the works offered to you by normal core models.

The Core i5 of Intel desktop CPU contains six cores. Similar to the models of Core i3, it provides Turbo Boost but doesn’t have Hyper-Threading.

The Core i7 of Intel desktop processor contains Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost. Similar to the Core i5 of Intel, it does have six cores. But you can use it as if you are using a CPU processor model that has more than 12 cores.

Meanwhile, the Core i9 of Intel CPUs contains eight different cores. This Core model is considered as the “most powerful” model that Intel produced. It can be your best processor if you are ready to spend more than half of the amount of your money.

Best Intel Processor: 9th Gen Intel Core CPUs

The 9th Gen Core processors of Intel are considered as the most purchasable processor these days. But as mentioned earlier, the 10th generation of Core CPUs might be the best among the rest. But take note that we only assess the Core i9-9900K of Intel. Thus, we cannot give our perceptions about the perfect CPU processor that you can purchase in the market.

Additional Information

A CPU processor that can increase the speed level of the clock only means that the PC or a laptop can create more heat level. But, the usage of Turbo Boost is limited. With the long-time usage of heavy processors with the use of the core models of CPU processor, including video encoding, the chip might create Turbo Boost as it used to. It is because the processor might be too hot that might cause unexpected damages and accidents.

Turbo Boost is one of the crucial portions of Core i7 and Core i5 processors even if they don’t have a high level of clocking speed.

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