Most smartphone users are so totally obsessed with their smartphones that they take them everywhere and increase the chances of  damaging their device. The major damage that mostly occurs is by water or liquid. Usually, people went into the pool and then they suddenly realize that their smartphone is in the pocket all wet. Other scenarios are dropping the smartphone in a cup of tea and worst in the toilet. Well if you take certain right steps then you can save your phone from water damage if you have however, accidently dropped it in water.

smartphone-water-damageThe first and the most important thing is that do not try to run the phone. In case the phone is wet, immediately remove its cover, battery, SIM card and SD card. If you try to run the phone and keep it on then most probably you will destroy it completely by burning and frying its circuits.  If you keep the phone off then there are chances that it will be saved and rescued. Try to contact a professional or smartphone medic but if you are willing to repair it yourself then there are certain methods that you should follow very carefully. Mind it there is no accurate way to repair a wet phone but in most of the cases certain methods do wonder and fix it.

Any method you follow the result you want is a dry working phone. Rust is the only threat for a smartphone. There are certain ways to dry it. First of all disassemble the phone by following the instructions provided by the smartphone manufacturers on their sites and in manuals. Disassembly is important to fully dry the device. Now to dry the phone you can put it under your desk lamp for 24 to 48 hours. You can also use a fan or a hair drier to evaporate the water but be careful that you do not over heat it and melt it circuits. Keep the smartphone at a certain safe distance while drying it using the above methods.

EVAPHowever, experts also advise to rinse the smartphone with fresh water before drying it in case you have dropped it in salt or chlorinated water. Because if you dry the phone wet with salt water the minerals will remain and can cause corrosion and oxidation. Once the device is washed then place it in the desiccant tub. Some people use rice as a desiccant but it is not a good choice; Silica however, is a strong desiccant and is mostly used with electronic devices to induce and sustain the dryness. With desiccant too, keep the smartphone for 24 to 48 hours.

After 2 to 3 days you can reassemble your phone and can run it. Hopefully, it will start to work if you have followed the above steps carefully and cautiously. However, you can always consider a professional if the phone is not working. Mind it all the methods to repair a wet smartphone are not always perfect but they do work in most of the cases.

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