Whether you are looking for a mobile phone in Kenya or some other part of the world, you will be faced with the hard question of, “which one do I need to pick?” There are so many smartphones on the market today that it becomes quite a difficult task to pick one and be satisfied with your purchase. Even after purchasing the phone you might be thinking that you should have got the other one you saw. A new mobile phone that’s also flagship is definitely something to brag about. But how do you know which one you should pick?

It’s not just the mobile phones that are confusing but the operating systems they are carrying too. Most people using smartphones in the world are divided into many groups not on the basis of their phones but the operating systems. Some prefer to go with the iOS operating system that comes from Apple and others like Android more. There is a group that supports the Windows operating system from Microsoft on phones but that group is quite small compared to the two mentioned before. If you want to get the latest mobile phone this time and want some reasons to go for an Android, here they are.

android phones

The thing that makes Android better than iOS from Apple is the freedom. The operating system on iPhones is known for locking you down in a very small space. Most of the basic things that any mobile phone user would feel like doing cannot be done using the iOS. For example, you want to change the way your swipe takes place on the screen. You can’t do that on iOS but this is possible with Android. In fact, you can choose from literally dozens of swiping effects. You can even change the looks of your phone completely.

The best mobile phone would not remain best if it gets boring very soon. With Android phones you never get bored of your phone because the options that can make your phone interesting and attractive are just unlimited. If you feel like changing the looks of the interface of your phone you can go with the launchers. Launchers provide a completely different mobile navigation experience. The launchers not only change your home screen and swiping effects but they also provide you with new and attractive icons for your applications and unlimited ways to customize your app tray.

apple app store

Apple was the company that introduced smartphone to the world and so it was naturally expected that Apple will always have the most number of applications in its app store. However, things changed in less than 10 years as Android picked up on speed and popularity and its application count took the lead. The mobile phone shopping experience lasts only for a day or week. On the other hand, you are always hunting for new applications for as long as you are using a smartphone. It only sounds good when you know there are millions of applications to be discovered.

Apple’s app store is not much far behind but the difference is only expected to grow bigger with time. The thing is Android is being used all around the world whereas Apple’s biggest target market is only in America. Comparing the Android Play Store with the application store from Microsoft is not even a good comparison. Microsoft started latest on making applications for smartphones so it was left behind. If you own a Windows phone you will have very few applications to choose from and you will be able to play only a few games.

Share list on Android

Android platform is designed to allow its users to feel the freedom. Sharing is no big deal on Android. Whether you are looking to share your pictures, songs, videos or some confidential information, Android has multiple options for sharing information. You can share stuff from one Android phone to another Android phone. You can share stuff from your Android phone with your computer using the regular Bluetooth, USB cable or third party applications that use your Wi-Fi connection to create the hotspot for lightning fast transfers.

When you want to put some stuff from your computer to your mobile phone you can do that using the options mentioned above too. When you connect your new mobile phone to your computer through a data cable it appears on your computer just like a USB. You can copy paste stuff or simply drag and drop items in your phone’s folders. Such freedom of sharing and data transferring is not possible with iPhones. You will have to have iTunes on your computer that starts syncing your device every time you connect it to your computer and you have to do all the transferring using the iTunes software.

free app in Andriod

While free stuff is available on the application stores from Apple and Google both, there is more free stuff on Android. Most of the applications you find on App Store from Apple require you to pay something. In most cases, you will be able to get the same applications for no cost on Play Store from Google. There are millions and millions of applications for you to download and install on your latest mobile phone. You can always go for paid content if you like the security of paid applications on both the platforms though.

If Android was specific to only a certain lineup of mobile phones like iOS is for iPhones, you would not be able to find many mobile phones in Kenya or anywhere in the world. Android is an operating system that is being used by smartphone makers from around the world. It does not matter which company you are talking about and which country it is in, Android operating system is available to be used on all phones. IOS on the other hand is only there for iPhones and so you are stuck with just one phone when you go with that option.

It is not possible to compare mobile phones from Apple and phones that have Android on them. It is because iPhone comes only from Apple whereas the devices that have Android on them could be from Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Motorola etc. This gives you the opportunity to choose your phone from literally hundreds of phones that look completely different. You will surely be able to find one phone that looks just like the phone you always wanted. With iOS you will have to wait for Apple to release their next phone to get a new phone in your hands.

Since Android is the operating system on phones made by various companies of the world, you can choose from expensive or affordable phones too when you are an Android user. You want to buy a cheap mobile phone? You can do that easily with Android. You can skip the flagships and look at the other midrange and affordable phones that companies like Motorola, Samsung and LG are always releasing throughout the year. There will be thousands of different mobile phones in Kenya with all of them carrying the Android operating system on them.

You can pick these affordable phones and still be happy because of their amazing performance and great features. On the other hand, if you go with iOS from Apple, you will have to buy the phone that Apple has recently released. If you want to get a cheap mobile phone you will have to get an old model of iPhone. Who likes to buy a 3 year old phone in 2016 anyway? With Android you will have many phones that you can buy within your budget. These are brand new midrange phones so you don’t have to buy an old phone.

If you like your phones to be powerful and get a new mobile phone in Kenya that’s strong on specifications, you will have to go with Android. With Android there are many companies competing to be the best Android phone company. LG is making modular phones that are supposedly the future of smartphones. Samsung is making the most beautiful phones with features like waterproofing and looks that can dazzle anyone. Motorola is allowing its users to design their phone and give it whatever color they want so they have exactly what they had imagined.

The latest iPhones have dual-core processors on them whereas the latest Android phones are carrying processors with 8 cores. The best RAM you can get on an iPhone is 2GB whereas latest Android mobile phones have 4GB of RAM on them. IPhone has a 12MP camera as its best camera whereas Android phones have reached 23MP. Similarly, there are Android phones with so many screen sizes that you can always find one that fits your palm the best. If you like the durability, lightness and protection of plastic then you can go with a phone with plastic body. You can buy a metal phone if you like phones made of metal. With Android your options are unlimited.

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