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Upgrades in iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Review

The pressure is on for Apple Inc. as it is all geared up to release the iPhone 5 in September. Previously, iPhone 4 was released in June 2010 and just after its release was found to have many problems regarding proximity sensor, shatter-prone screen and antenna. So, the release of iPhone 5 is definitely something really crucial for Apple. The production of iPhone 5 will most probably be start in June/July and Apple will start shipping it in September. iPhone is no doubt a very successful product of Apple. In 2010, nearly 16 millions of iPhone smartphones were sold in the last quarter of the year.

Iphone 5

According to sources the upcoming iPhone 5 will be similar to iPhone 4 with some upgrades. The design and look of the model will be same but iPhone 5 will have faster processor, a signal processing chip, Camera with higher resolution and better antenna design. There are speculations that the processor will most probably be dual core A5 chip that Apple has used in the iPad2.

Every year Apple releases a new model of iPhone at the Worldwide Developers Conference that held in June. But as Apple has already released an iPhone 4 earlier this year for Verizon Wireless; therefore, the next iPhone 5 launch will happen later in September. For the conference Apple is planning to share a review of iOS 5 and Max OS X (Lion). There are rumors that the next iOS 5 will offer the updated graphics engine, new location based services, some cloud-based features, contacts syncing, calendar and email with free Mobile Me access.

Though iPhone 5 is not yet released but the rumors are out about iPhone 6. Apple iPhone 6 is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2012. According to sources iPhone 6 is the model which will be fully redesigned and will have the major updates from the outside in.

Iphone 5

Nikkan newspaper of Japan has shared that the next iPhone 6 will have the key update regarding the LCD of the smartphone. The LCD will be based on a technology called “low temperature poly-silicon” by which the smartphone will be slimmer, lighter in weight and will consume less power than the iPhone models we already have. With poly-silicon LCD, the circuits such as for signal processors and optical sensors will be placed directly on the underlying layer of the glass saving the space inside the body of the smartphone. Sharp is the company who will produce the poly-silicon LCDs for the Apple Inc.

Other anticipated technology is NFC (Near Field Communication). With NFC your smartphone will be converted intoIphone 6 a digital virtual wallet that can be used to pay bills at restaurants and shopping malls by just waving it in front of an NFC enabled terminal. Google will release some devices later this year with built in NFC chip, Microsoft will also introduce the NFC technology in Windows Phone 7 and Research in Motion is also preparing to release the next BlackBerry models and their other devices with NFC chip incorporated.

So, till nothing is really launched we cannot be confirmed which features and specifications the next iPhone models are coming up with. We have to wait for the surprises that App    le is creating for us.

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